Brive Tonneliers
Brive Tonneliers

As a symbol of shared conviviality, wine is also considered a symbol of luxury and prestige aimed at the greatest pleasure of consumers.

Our profession as coopers places us at the core of the daily evolution of vintage wines. We must constantly anticipate these changes to reveal tomorrow’s wines, while optimizing those of today.
These profound changes are made possible, thanks to the confidence in the men in this profession, who each, with their own experience, history and style, shapes drums with oak from rigorously selected prestigious Haute Futaie. Brive Tonneliers has always sought the best talents within its Cercle de Maîtres to meet the highest expectations of both economic and oenological choices. As such, each Master Cooper - Marc Kennel, Treuil, Alain Fouquet, A & P John – has passed on their know-how through our range of product brands, which remain both synergistic and complementary while providing a specific solution to each of your projects.

Mindful of its social responsibility related to its its business background, Brive Tonneliers wishes to uphold its role as the vector of progress in the everyday life of its employees, customers and suppliers. Brive Tonneliers provides concrete and innovative solutions to major challenges for the safeguarding and the preservation of the French heritage.

This commitment is manifest in the signing of a national sponsorship agreement with the Heritage Foundation, to launch the product-sharing, the “Sustainable Barrel Herritage Legacy”. Baring the Stamp “ Heritage Foundation”, this barrel is dispatched without commercial packaging, exclusively in France and Europe to reduce its carbon footprint while respecting its physical integrity. For each barrel sold, Brive Tonneliers reverses € 5 to the Heritage Foundation for the preservation and improvement of two iconic projects: the Collegiate Church of Saint-Emilion in the Gironde county and the Saint-Liberal Chapel of Brive in the Corrèze county.

We listen to you and understand you in order to better advise you: This is the task entrusted to our staff on the ground.

Thank you for relying on them and giving them your full attention and exchanging with them as much as possible. They will know how to guide you to identify the solutions most adapted among the vast choice offered by our Cercle de Maîtres.

Laurent Lacroix
Managing Director